Another Beklemeto - Black Betty edition

Nicholas Malkov and I have tested а «new» (for HG) flying place near Sopot, Bulgaria. It is Troyan Gate, 5 km away from «traditional» take off «Beklemeto» (for south winds). There are no landings at the bottom of the valley, so only paragliders were flying here. However, when there is no other choice, and the north wind does not allow using other launches within a distanse of 100 km, there are very good conditions for the flights here and there is no need to think about landing at the bottom. In a pinch, you can land on the slope, but it is unlikely to come to that. So far, we were flying there for just two days and were very tired after flying long XC, so just flew around the launch with joking and swooping. That was active rest from flights during the flights ;)

Here's our little funny video about this place… and about our testing methods ;)
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