Hang Glider Crash - Emergency Chute deployment

Details of Incident —
Pilot — Toby 'Drogue' Houldsworth
Glider — Moyes XT 165
Parachute — Unknown brand (but quite obviously effective)
Location — Wylkatchem, Western Australia
Injuries — Slight bruising and a new nickname (Drogue).
Details — Pilot was static line towing in a competition. During his pre-flight routine he was interrupted by a technical problem with his instruments, after correcting the problem the pilot continued his preflight not realising the the tow bridle (which he had previously checked was clear) was now underneath his right arm. On launch the tow bridle flicked past his harness pulling the release for his emergency parachute. The bridle also pulled his right hand off the upright but he quickly corrected and continued unaware that his reserve chute was released. The parachute deployed and inflated snapping the safety 'weak-link' and causing the glider to pendulum down into the ground.
Afterwards — Pilot set up a spare gilder (a Fun 190) and flew it for the remainder of the competition. He finished in first place in the novice section with some very impressive flights. The XT has been repaired (new control frame and keel, sail patched on undersurface).
Footage — Andrew 'Pantyman' Talmage and Trevor 'Danger'.
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