Nothing above 90 meters.

Flying over Newcastle & its sites. Hill height max 88 meters asl.
Most of whats going on is way below hill height. Dixon Park landing area is 25 meters ASL, no room for error. Have to get it right & yes, I ,we, are enjoying what we do,immensely!.. Some say these manoeuvres are performed way too low. Its all we have to work with, we don't have the luxury of thousands of feet to spare.( & we have been doing this for a very long time.) The low level aspect makes it more crucial when performing manoeuvres, knowing how much height you will use, where you will be at the end of the routine & where everyone else in the air are. Safety first at all times. I enjoy all aspects of hang gliding, as do my friends. From coastal to xc. At 52 years old & flying now for over 30 years, I can't see any reason to stop doing what I do. Myself & my friends, the people I fly with, well, we don't regard ourselves as special because we fly. Rather what we do is very special, & we are very lucky to be able to experience what some people can only dream of doing,the freedom of flying like a bird. No better way to enjoy life, than from a great height.
Quote form a great mate & legend of hang gliding,
Mike Barber…
" Every day above ground, is a good day."

Great Spirits Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition From Mediocre Minds
Life's Good
Just Fly

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