Настоящие пилоты пьют Крэш-Колу и моются мылом Dial

В этом нас пытаются убедить два рекламных видеоролика, снятых в 70-е годы прошлого века. Американский пилот, пионер, и хранитель музея дельтапланеризма, Кен де Русси (Ken de Russy) поделился рекламой 70-х.

Мыло Dial

Crush Cola

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What a nice surprise to see my videos posted on your site. Thank you for including a link to my Picasa images of my museum.

I just added 3 images at my Picasa album of Russian language publications from 1978 given to Dan Poynter by a Konstantin. Dan and many other early pilots have graciously and generously donated a large volume of early magazines, other printed material, and ancient artifacts to my collection/library.


I will appreciate if you can translate some detail by adding comments to those images.

I have been told my last name is French but referring to a Russian origin. Maybe we are cousins, eh?

Fly safely!

Hi Ken! Welcome to russian HG community.

The magazine:

It's popular colour illustrated magazine (Wikipedia).

The newspaper:

It's «number one» soviet newspaper (Wikipedia).

The newspaper's article about first fly-in of hanggliding enthusiast of Soviet Union. This event was held at Trostyan mount, near Slavske village, Carpathian Mountains, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. It was a ten days event that was held from 5th to 15th March, 1976.
The «Ogonyok» magazine was published at March, 1976. I think that it contains some pictures from this event.
You can find some photos at Kiev HG Club website.

About Konstantin:
One of enthusiast, visited this event, is Konstantin Kobyzev. Maybe it's him.
I will try to find some information about Konstantin.

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